Serenity Sister Journey


Serenity Sisters are women who are discovering and affirming serenity, the courage to change, the wisdom to know our path. It is our hope that you will find acceptance and peace, as we encourage you in your personal journey for serenity. 


What is the “drink” to the Serenity Sister? What is she powerless over?  Without the intervention of a loving higher power, what choices could render her life unmanageable?

The answer is not as simple as identifying the behaviors with which many of us have struggled:

  • Putting self care and our spiritual vitality lastEspecially if we are asked to do so
  • Risking the health of our bodies or ignoring our core values – for economic survival or social gain.

Indeed, many of us were able to take a stand for ourselves. But honestly – How long did our self-care really last? Yes, each of us could ‘behave.’ Truthfully, some of us could ‘behave’ like we were holding our breath.

Our unique strategies for coping – some solid but some temporary fixes –  gave way under pressures deep within and we were “back out there” – for another round of insanity –

  • With new addictive behaviors or new lovers to escape
  • With old self-destructive addictions and familiar ‘no-good’ lovers 

Maybe both!



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It began way back before we learned we had a right to stand up for ourselves.

Instead of learning about our strengths and promise, some of us seemed trained in the lessons of living a powerless life.  Affirming choices about self-care might not have been modeled for us. 

Many of us were unable to defend ourselves as vulnerable young girls. We might have survived trauma or violations of trust.

For some, the violated little girl of our past was a great secret within our adult woman’s body – still searching for safety, acceptance, and love. Did we shut ourselves off from her pleas to be known, forgiven, and released for what was not her fault?

As we grew into adulthood, many opted for the script of the seductress, believing that seduction was the ultimate essence of womanhood.

We could certainly excel in power plays of passion but struggled with shared vulnerability of intimacy. Regrettably, many of us distrusted healthy expressions of intimacy.

Each woman’s experience and coping strategy is unique….

The ‘drink’ for the Serenity Sister is not the seen behavior whether good or bad. The ‘drink’ is not like drugs or alcohol that is visible to the eye.

The ‘drink’ is her crippling choice to repeat and live out sad life patterns she KNOWS do not work for her.



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We are true sisters in this Journey!

This path of enlightenment and recovery takes a measure of courage and commitment to try out new ways of thinking and acting  – of choosing.

It has seemed that we have played many roles but have missed out on playing ourselves.  But to be ourselves meant to know ourselves.

Each Serenity Sister is encouraged to be mindful of her thoughts and attitude in the present. The Serenity Sister claims her self-awareness as a priceless possession that she alone chooses to strengthen.   

A Serenity Sister is encouraged, without getting lost in a forest of blame, to examine the conditions that contributed to her life story, the good and not so good.

In her own time, with the help of trusted group members, many Serenity Sisters will gain courage to share, and then take charge of, any trauma memories in safe and compassionate ways.

A Serenity Sister is not a victim! She is “taking herself back” with love, peace, and acceptance.


Our freedom is realized when we bring our Higher Power into the experiences or beliefs that blinded us to our inner beauty and value to ourselves and to others.

Our Higher Power can and will bring forward a fantastic healed woman who can make affirming choices for herself and for those she chooses to love.

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  1. My name is Glenn S. Gordinier. I am an academic and a surfer who is writing a book on surfers and social change. I would very much like to talk to Mary Setterholm in order to inform this project. I very much hope she will get in touch with me.

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