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I am currently enrolled at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, MA. I miss CA, miss surfing like I miss, well, a soulmate. I am loving Boston none-the-less! I founded Serenity Sisters to give hope to ALL women. I love recovery from life chaos, as one member says it. I want to share it any way I can. Peace!

What Are We Worth?

I am hoping to interrogate the ‘Demand’ side of prostitution and human trafficking from an activist-scholar’s perspective. So, I am going to float ideas on what it means to consider solutions from an economic theory model for, well, flesh and … Continue reading

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Full Day of Wonder

I don’t know what happened – is someone praying for me or did the prayers I said work – or both? I feel good. Its not a high but a self-assuredness that ALL will be well even though I am … Continue reading

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