Back in Town

The birds in the treetops outside my 6th floor balcony serenade as I write today. It has been over 3 years since I posted. A long time-out, no?

The mission of Serenity Sisters, to explore, excavate, and facilitate authentic narrative of the women impacted by prostitution (past or present), continues through appropriate interruptions for personal healing both in my family and myself. We have weathered a few storms and there is no reason to think there won’t be more.

This is not a pessimistic outlook people. A rational assessment of my family revealed my truth as a mother – We are grappling with mental health challenges and any number of addictions. So what.

So what? Right. We are not unique in the landscape of challenged families. What makes us unique, IMHO, is our (mostly) anti-shame approach. Who needs shame and/or stigmatization when a son or daughter’s life is in the balance?

I have learned in ministry with the homeless in Cambridge and within my own family that basics (ADL’s) are a starting point for self-respect and healing. Just encouraging someone to care enough to take a daily shower can be a starting point. The INTENTION PLUS ACTION to take a shower while living on the streets is a boldface act of hope among the destitute, “I may be trash to society but I know who I am and I matter. I want to be ready for the new day.”

When any of us are down for the count I have come to believe there is a silent count of surrender to authentic hope that begins – if we could hear it … “You are ready now. Let Me fight this battle…My Love never let you go.”

About theserenitysisters

I am currently enrolled at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, MA. I miss CA, miss surfing like I miss, well, a soulmate. I am loving Boston none-the-less! I founded Serenity Sisters to give hope to ALL women. I love recovery from life chaos, as one member says it. I want to share it any way I can. Peace!
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1 Response to Back in Town

  1. Nan (Setterholm) Vansandt says:

    Hi Mary…I love what you are doing. I looked you up as I think we share a great great grandfather…. whatever the heck that may mean to the universe, but I just wanted you to know that I am inspired by you and from reading your writings, I feel a kinship with you that goes beyond blood. My life has been quite different from yours- I grew up in Japan as a missionary kid and had profoundly loving parents… but that does not mean I was exempt from struggles…I remember my dorm mother using the phrase “shame on you” and I thought that was the WORST possible thing you could say to a child/teenager. Thanks for all you do, and blessings to you-

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