Acceptance is not complacency

Acceptance is not to be confused with complacency. Not when you consider the Serenity Prayer!

Remember that the idea of acceptance of things that I can’t change, is balanced with “courage to change the things I can – and the wisdom to know the difference.”

There is another word that jumps out at me – Wisdom. It would seem that wisdom is lived experience duely reflected upon from which good counsel and insight could be found. Serene acceptance is born from this personal wisdom. A complacent outlook, however, would seem docile and subservient, even beaten down. A Serenity Sister is not given to the complacent mindset.

How does anyone gain wisdom from suffering? I believe this is a task of writing or some form of expressing self concretely. So, the idea is to examine our lived experience, reflect, and ask – What counsel is here for me, for others? Some say psychotherapy sessions are all that is needed. I can tell you they will also say to WRITE. Writing is a way to explore what life messages were learned and how were these messages played out as a self-script that was never meant to be yours. Some lines we learned were dead wrong – “I am not worthy of love; I will fail at everything I try; I do not know what is best for me …”  Once this is exposed as imbedded self-script, challenge yourself – am I complacent about this trash in my spirit?

A good life, a Fantastic Life, is at stake – yours!  Acceptance means agreeing we have a fantastic life ahead of us as we access the courage to change. Through writing down the damaging messages from our past, we confront them, disown them, and find peace.

From this point of freedom and accessed wisdom, we look out to see how we can make the world a safer place and confront systemic systems of domination responsible for suffering like our own. Gratitude compels this vocation to serve!


About theserenitysisters

I am currently enrolled at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, MA. I miss CA, miss surfing like I miss, well, a soulmate. I am loving Boston none-the-less! I founded Serenity Sisters to give hope to ALL women. I love recovery from life chaos, as one member says it. I want to share it any way I can. Peace!
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